Moving timelines can be tricky—learn about your storage options while you move.

People move for many reasons–job opportunities, to be closer to loved ones, or just for a change of scenery. It can be exciting to move from one home to the next, marking a new chapter in your life. Of course, when people think about moving to a new area, they generally imagine their life at the new location rather than moving itself.

Moving isn’t always easy, and needs can vary. One common need is temporary storage during the moving process. In this article, we will explore storage and moving, as well as the many ways your local movers can help!

Storing Your Belongings During a Move: How Movers Can Help and More

Moving is a much easier process when you have the support you need, and a moving company can be a big help. They offer a wide range of services–packing, moving, transportation, and storage. While services will vary based on who you work with, your local moving company can help with quite a few needs related to your moving process.

Let’s take a look at moving companies and the ways they can help you during your move.

Why Do People Need Storage During a Move?

Finding storage during a move is actually a fairly common need, and it is one that plenty of people encounter. More often than not, the need comes down to the timelines involved. For example, you might find yourself needing to move out of your current residence prior to moving into your current residence.

When your moving timelines are uncertain or include gaps, storing your belongings is often the most sensible solution. Depending on the timeline, you may need to invest in long-term storage, like a storage unit or mobile storage solution. However, when your timeline only involves a more reasonable gap, quick storage solutions can be a better option.

Another common reason to need storage while moving is if you’re moving to a location that is a longer distance away. When you are going to move to a new city or state, timelines can get even more tricky. You may have a disconnect in your move-in and move-out dates, or you may just need more time to get to the new location than you normally would. Either way, finding storage solutions during your move will be necessary.

Of course, sometimes storing your items during a move isn’t a need. It may just be a matter of convenience. Having your belongings stored can give you more time for cleaning, renovations, or even just simplify your move altogether.

Regardless of your reason, you will be glad to know that storage solutions are available to you. You can choose the right fit for your needs and your timeline.

What Storage Options Are Available While Moving?

The storage solutions market is vast, and you may even be surprised by how many options are available. Depending on your location, travel plans, and timeline, you may find that some solutions meet your needs more effectively than others.

Before you can determine which storage option is a good fit for your situation, you will need to know what your options are and how they work. Some options are a better fit for short-term solutions, and others are a proper match for long-term solutions.

Common Storage Options Include:

  • Friends and Family
  • Resident Storage
  • Storage Units
  • Mobile Storage
  • Moving Company Storage Solutions

Are Moving Companies a Good Option for Storage While Moving?

With so many options, you may wonder which option is best. Is letting your local moving company store your belongings a good idea?

It certainly can be!

Depending on the moving company that you work with, you may learn that they offer temporary storage solutions. This is a great service that is fairly popular among midsize to large moving companies—and some smaller companies offer it too!

If you’re working with a local team of movers and they offer storage solutions, it can really simplify your entire moving process. Instead of having to navigate moving with your team of movers and a separate storage need, you can combine these services to make everything easier.

Having your movers store your belongings can be a great way to save on time. Your team of movers will know where everything is going, when it needs to arrive, and how to get it where it needs to go. This can be a huge time saver during a time when most people really need those extra few hours to make things as easy as possible.

As long as you’re working with a team you trust, this is a great option for you!

Pricing Considerations: How Much Does it Cost to Store Your Belongings During a Move?

Any time you are looking at storage solutions, price is always a big consideration. Most of the time, this is an even larger consideration if you’re also navigating a move. After all, it is no secret that moving can really cost a lot of money and come with countless unplanned expenses.

So, how much does it cost to store your belongings during a move? Well, there really isn’t a simple answer to that.

The price of storing your items is going to depend on a lot of different factors, starting with the company you work with. Every company is going to have its own pricing model, and the model will ultimately determine how much you end up paying.

There are two common considerations that will impact your overall price—how much you need to store and how long you need to store everything for.

In the majority of cases, storage goes by size. This means that the more you have to store, the more likely the price is to be higher. If you think about it, it all comes down to the allocation of resources. The more you have to store, the more space it will take. The amount of space that is taken will have a corresponding price.

The length of your storage is also going to have a major impact on pricing. In most cases, this will be the growing cost you need to consider. The longer you need to store your items, the more you will need to pay. This often works in the same way that rent does. Think of the storage as temporarily renting out the space.

How to Schedule Storage for Your Belongings While Moving

Scheduling storage for your belongings is easier than you might think. Most moving companies make it very easy, and they can even accommodate you if you’re not completely certain about your timeline in many cases. The key to managing this effectively is good communication!

To start, you will want to ask your moving company if they offer storage solutions. If they do, try to break down your needs to them as effectively as you can. Focus on how much you need to store and how long you believe you will need the items to remain in storage.

While talking with them, have them explain their pricing and what other considerations there may be, like paying for insurance or making sure your items are delivered when you need them.

As soon as the company understands what you are looking for and you understand what you are agreeing to, you can sign any necessary paperwork and schedule your move, as well as your storage plans.

What Information Do You Need to Know to Schedule Storage While Moving?

Storage solutions can have certain considerations that might influence whether or not a service is the right fit for you. For example, if a company does not store items in a temperature-regulated area, some of your belongings may be at risk, particularly items that are older or prone to damage.

Most of the time, your moving company will want to understand what they are storing and the value behind these items. This will help them to determine what is safe in their care and what additional steps need to be taken to keep everything safe and in good order.

Every company is different and will have different questions for you, and it is important to remember that some items, like gasoline or other flammables, may not be eligible for storage.

Ask your moving company what they need to know, and do your best to provide them with the information that they need.

Get the Moving Support and Storage You Need–We Can Help!

Moving never feels easy, but it certainly can be if you have the right support system in place. If you’re looking for local movers, Denver is a great place to be. There are plenty of talented movers who offer a wide range of solutions, including storage during your move.

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