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Terms and Conditions

To ensure that your move is completed efficiently and successfully, please read and adhere to the following Company Policies. Although lengthy, this is important information that we want every customer to thoroughly understand. The moving process can be very challenging and comes with all sorts of unique requests and tasks. As your service provider, we will work diligently for you and make every effort to meet your requests to make your move as seamless as possible. However, please be advised that certain things you may ask for come with related risks, and we cannot be responsible for the possible results of these requests. The following policies are for both your protection and ours. Your anticipated cooperation is appreciated. If you have any questions, please call our office, we are available to assist you at any time.

The terms, conditions & liability waivers outlined in this document are meant to provide our consumers with as much information as possible for their protection, as well as the protection of Your Neighbors Moving & Storage, LLC. Each service is unique, and it is not possible to outline every scenario that may arise. If you have any specific questions about your service, please discuss with your estimator or call our office for clarification. 

Payment: Payment is due upon arrival at Destination.  Acceptable payment methods are Credit Card, Check, or Cash.

Cancellations and Rescheduling: As a courtesy Your Neighbors Moving & Storage, LLC. understands last minutes scenarios happen while you are planning to move, and we do not plan on penalizes you for that if you can meet our request.  All we ask as a return courtesy is that you give us a 4-day notice when there are any potential date changes or cancellations. We will do everything in our power to accommodate your new move date, but we are only as flexible as our schedule allows us to be. If your new desired date is not available, we will schedule you on the closest possible day when the required resources are available.  If you do not make the 4-day deadline request the deposit on the account will be forfeited.  

Shipper/Customer Involvement and Availability: The shipper(you) or the shipper’s appointed representative is required to be present for all phases of the move. If you or your appointed representative is unavailable at the scheduled times for pickup or delivery, billing will start at the time(s) designated for pickup or delivery. Please provide our office with all contact phone numbers, preferably a cell phone as land lines is often disconnected prior to the move. We will also need to have a Copy of the BOL & Acknowledgment signed by the payee.

Walk-Through Policy: Several walk-throughs will be performed on the day of your move to ensure your moving crew knows exactly what is to be moved, nothing has been left behind at the pickup location, or left in the moving truck at delivery. Once the crew departs pickup/delivery locations, additional charges may apply if return trips are requested. The job supervisor will prompt and direct the walk-throughs, but ULTIMATELY IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ENSURE THAT EACH PHASE OF THE SERVICE HAS BEEN COMPLETED TO YOUR SATISFACTION.

Packed by Owner Box Policy (PBO): If you choose to do your own packing, please be advised Your Neighbors Moving & Storage, LLC is not responsible for the contents of a PBO carton unless, negligence or mishandling is shown. If you have not already done so, please contact our office for a packing estimate. If you wish to do your own packing, please follow these guidelines:

All items that can fit into a standard carton (1.5 to 6 cubic ft.) must be packed.  This includes but is not limited to: Lamp shades and table lamp bases, electronics, decor, misc. items, etc. The exception to this policy is extra heavy items such as weights and floor speakers. Please refer to the Moving Tips section of our website or contact our office if you have any questions about packing or specific items.

All boxes shall be NEW or in like-new condition. Never use crumpled or deteriorating boxes for packing. 

All boxes must be sealed with a lid and taped securely with professional packing tape. Identify the contents of each box along with the designated rooms where they should be delivered. It is advised to label both the top and one side of each carton for easy identification when stacked. Where applicable, clearly label boxes fragile, with arrows on the box indicating the correct upright position. Do not leave any boxes with open tops. 

All boxes should be less than 50 lbs.  Never pack goods too tightly, but pack to the top of the box. Small boxes should be used for small, heavy articles like books, records, and canned goods, large boxes for light items like bedding and linens. Dishes, glasses, and fragile items should be packed in small cartons or specialty dish packs.

Personal Items: Prior to the arrival of your packing and/or moving crew(s), you should identify, separate, and place all pertinent personal items in your car. These types of items include wallets, purses, keys, cell phones & chargers, medications, cable or satellite boxes, TV controllers, jewelry, passports, pink slips, sentimental, and all other important items that you may need immediate access to before, during, or after the move. If these items are boxed or sitting out, they may be loaded onto the moving truck. While still safe, they will become a needle in a haystack and may take significant time to locate after the move takes place. Your Neighbors Moving & Storage, LLC will make every attempt to identify and separate these types of items, but it is your responsibility to ensure that this is done prior to our arrival.

High Value Items: Items of extraordinary monetary or sentimental value, such as antiques, family heirlooms, art objects, gold or silver articles, etc., should be identified to both the estimator and the job supervisor prior to the start of the move. These may need to be insured separately and special handling may be required. Failure to disclose high value items may result in the denial of a claim. Ask your carrier for additional detail and procedures.

Non-Allowable: Movers are not allowed to transport anything that could leak, combust, corrode, or spoil. 
              Combustibles, explosives, flammable or corrosive chemicals or liquids. The list includes but is not limited to gasoline, paint, oil, propane fuel, Kerosene Heaters, fertilizers, insecticides, herbicides, cleaning supplies, ammunitions, or any item deemed illegal by any law.
              Perishable Items: All food items that could spoil, leak, or perish should not be part of your shipment.
              This list also includes ALL liquids and oils including but not limited to: Alcohol, cooking oils, vinegar, laundry detergent, bleach, dish soap, etc.

Firearms: are allowed but they must be in a locked, hard case. They may be left in a secure gun safe but must be disclosed and inspected by the move supervisor.  UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WILL LIVE AMMUNITION BE PACKED OR TRANSPORTED BY Your Neighbors Moving & Storage, LLC

Inventory: In an effort to keep our rates low and time to a minimum, no inventory of goods will be taken during your move. It is your responsibility to ensure all your items are present at the end of your move. If you feel an inventory list is necessary, we can provide this service for an additional hourly fee. We ask that, you examine the back of our trucks upon completion of your move to assure yourself that all your belongings were unloaded.

Safety: Your Neighbors Moving & Storage, LLC reserves the right to refuse any service or request that it deems unsafe, unreasonable, or hazardous to either you, the company, and/or their goods or equipment. In addition, our movers have the right to refuse any item or request they deem unsafe, unsanitary, or may cause property damage. 

Crew Size(s): Your Neighbors Moving & Storage, LLC reserves the right to send fewer, or additional men than quoted to complete any service, solely at the company’s discretion. The hourly rate charged will be according to the number of men/trucks assigned to the job, and always within regulation of the Max-4 tariff. Although the crew size may change, the Not-To-Exceed price quoted for your move will not change, regardless of crew size. Reasons for an adjustment to the crew size may include, but not limited to; Labor Laws, Hours of Service Regulations for drivers, available company resources, scheduling requirements, and/or weather concerns.

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