While many people think they can just have a few buddies come over and help you move out of one home and into another and save a few bucks, there are a variety of reasons why you shouldn’t and should instead hire a professional moving company.

Here are a few examples:


Professional movers have years of experience doing just that, moving. They are trained and use the proper equipment to make sure no backs are broken or arms are twisted when moving heavy items such as furniture and appliances. Without the proper experience and knowledge, moving heavy items can also be very dangerous to your knees, ankles, and shoulders. In addition, the last thing you need is for you or a buddy to end up in the ER because of moving something they probably shouldn’t.


We are pretty positive your buddies that will be helping you aren’t insured. That means should they scratch a big-screen television or break a piece of glass; you are probably out of luck. Instead, hiring a professional mover, means they have insurance (or should). Should something break or get damaged you are covered in getting it repaired or fixed.

Time Savings

Moving takes time and involves much more than just packing and scheduling a moving day. If you decide to move yourself you may have to find a truck, get boxes plus do a variety of other things like update your credit cards and mailing address. In contrast by hiring a professional mover that offers packing and unpacking services, you don’t have to do a thing and instead can utilize that time to do other stuff that goes towards the move.

There are for sure other ways to cut corners and save money during this transition time, but trying to move yourself shouldn’t be one of them. Instead, hire a company like Your Neighbors Movers Moving and Storage, you know you will get the white glove service. We have years of experience in the Denver Metro area, and use all the proper equipment so your move is seamless. Plus, we even offer packing and unpacking services so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Now save those 6-packs you were going to give to friends and invite them over for a housewarming party. We guarantee they will be much happier and so will you!